Offer letters on Sec 42 Blk 56 Reeves Co Texas

Myself and my siblings have gotten letters offering to buy/lease land we inherited from family years ago. A small tract in Sec 42 Block 56 Reeves Co Texas. We are new to this and would appreciate any advice or guidance. Thanks-Walt

Lease yes, sell never. How many acres do ya’ll have? That will determine you’re bargaining power. Have an attorney review and approve any lease. In Reeves County you can double or triple the amount per acre that you are being offered. Good luck

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Walt1 – your description is inadequate to determine your location… do you have the survey name, i.e., ‘PSL’… "T&P’…??? Or the township, i.e. ‘TWP 4’… ‘TWP 7’… ??? Better yet, the Abstract Number, i.e., ‘A-123’… ‘A-1234’…??? All of these should be on your Tax Statement. Later – Buzz