Offer inquiry

Anyone know of any recent activity in 145N-96W ??

Good morning. Do you have a specific section number? Alternatively, operator name and well names you are paid on could also help us see whats going on in that township.

Marathon completed four wells with a surface location section 21 in later 2018. They went north into 16 and 9

SEctions 13,24 and 32 T145N, R96W

Section 13 has a producing well that has a surface location in section 12.

Section 24 has a producing well that has a surface location in section 23.

Section 32 has a producing well that has a surface location in section 32.

While there has been some activity in the township, the units you own in are operated by Conoco and they haven’t drilled a new well in this field at some time. I’ve noticed an uptick in mineral buyers in that township, however (we own in the same units as you and receive offer letters). As with any offer you receive, always good to get a second opinion. Best of luck and let us know how else we can help.

I’m wondering if something is going on in this area also. I own mineral rights in 35-145-95 and recently received a somewhat generous offer to buy from Arroyo. Anyone know what a fair offer is for the purchase of mineral rights in this area is? I haven’t been on this site for several years. Thank you.

I think the best way to figure what is a fair offer is to solicit more than one offer. It will at a minimum give you some apples to apples comparisons of what various buyers are offering.

Getting offers on sec 16 146 n 96w that have doubled.

Does anyone have contact info for Arroyo? I can’t seem to find anything. Thanks

Arroyo Energy Partners, LLC PO Box 3429 Midland, TX 79702 432-262-3572

Thank you for the info!

As was previously said, the only way to know if you are getting top dollar for your mineral rights is to shop it to the top mineral buyers in the area and compare the offers. You can do some research online or work with a mineral broker to help identify the top mineral buyers in your area.