Offer in Sec.2-6N-4W

Offer is for 1200 per acre at 3/16.That is what it leased for 3 years ago.I would think that the bonus payments should have went up some.Any ideas.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,David

Look for $2000/acre plus 1/5. Might be able to press for 1/4. Just leased to Newfield. Leasing action is hot in Sections 1& 2 right now.

How many acres

I received an offer in the mail from Casillas Petroleum Resource Partners (never heard of them) $4,000 per acre, 3/16ths. Verbage says delivering to Casillas an 81.25 net revenue interest

That would be right wouldn’t it.3/16 decimal is 18.75 so the math addds up.

Casillas Petroleum has a lot of private equity money behind it. The company is in Tulsa and was formed to put that private equity money to work. They have acquired acreage in the SCOOP from Continental Resources and Chesapeake. They have a spacing change request on sec 2 pending.