Offer in blk C2

Sec 15 & 16, Blk C2, A-5084 & A-5086 Canyonlands 15-16. Offer is $10000 NMA

Just wondering if this is reasonable? Things seem to be quiet in Pecos County have not had any lease offers. Last week got a call on this property and some properties in Terrell County south of Sheffield which has really been quiet.

This is an offer to buy or lease your minerals?

That seems a bit light to buy them (at 25% roy, I presume) and seems kinda high to lease them. But who knows, weird times.

They are wanting to purchase my minerals in these 2 sections. I thought the offer was a bit low.

Yeah I’d say its low for 25% roy IMO. Unless you think no other wells will get drilled there, and that should not be the case since the existing wells are pretty solid. If you were at an 1/8th then different story.

10 4 I appreciate it. Yep we are in at .25 .

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