Offer from Royalty Purchasing Partners?

Has anyone received an offer for their mineral interest from Royalty Purchasing Partners? Or accepted an offer?

They have a website - - that states they have been in business for 112 years but I cannot find any confirmation through a web search.

I called to inquire. They said they would send me a deed and a bank draft. After receiving the signed and notarized deed back, they would fund the bank draft.

Is that a normal process for handling this type of transaction? How I can I be sure they are not merely scam artists?

I have not heard of them but that doesn't mean anything. There are plenty of mineral buyers out there. Don't trust a bank draft.


I have received many offers in the mail on my minerals in Johnson County from different Royalty purchasers, but have thrown them in the garbage because you are being low balled. You might be better off keeping the minerals and passing them down to your family, once they are sold, they are gone more than likely forever. If you really need the money, than that might be a different story. You could advertise your minerals right here on MRF ? It doesn't hurt to shop around. Good Luck!

If it is not to large of a deal I might be willing to purchase upfront no drafts.

An alternative to selling your minerals, if you need cash on a temporary basis, is a mineral/royalty loan. The interest rate is high, but it can be very convenient.