Offer for half my mineral rights

Happy Holidays everyone!

I have a verbal offer for half my minerals at Sect 25 T 9N R 58W

He's offering me $4500/acre. No fees, that is my net amount. It's a company based in Greeley, CO.

I made the mistake of signing a 5 year Lease that didn't have a high %. And he knows that, has pulled the Lease, etc. and is ready to do a Title search.

To me, that seems like a really good offer. But before I do anything, I'd appreciate your input and suggestions. If I had been on this group before signing my Lease, things would have been very different. :> )

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


I have 80 acres in Weld county and my last offer for a buyout was only $300 per acre. Needless to say I did not sell the mineral rights. I would love to sell mine for what you have been offered.

That’s premium bonus, run after the check is in hand

I think that there could be room for improvement on that offer. Feel free to message me if you are interested.