Offer 5-6n-5w Grady co


New user… re: Sec 5-6N-5W Grady Co. Received $23,500 ‘limited’ offer pma …MUST accept offer within 30 days. Recent activity was drilling from this section into section to North. Any advise of expected activity in 5-6-5 is appreciated. Hate to sell wells expected in 5-6-5. Thanx


Is this to lease or sell? I own rights there that are currently leased. I have a hard time navigating this “new” format with Mineral rights forum.


Here’s a good place to learn: Getting Started - Mineral Rights Forum


Offer is to buy. Wondering if anyone else has received this offer…seems like quite high unless wells are planned for this section?


I have been out in that area recently… LOTS of activity going on!


This section is listed in Continental’s Springboard as one of their planned units. I would hold on to it a little longer.