The OCC is having a one day meeting with speakers and Forum Discussion on Sep 26, 2015 in Cape Coral Florida. Looks real good for those who would like to learn more about their Mineral Rights, like me. I plan to bring up the WEHLU problems. If you or any one you know is in the the WEHLU, please contact me at email equity25@aol.com, or Tel 813-254-3816 with any concerns you have. I will see that they get addressed

John, what is 'WEHLU' ?

Kent: WEHLU is theThe West Edmond Hunton Lime Unit which was approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission way back in 1947, 68 years ago to unitize all the wells producing from the Hunton Lime sand. It covers wells in parts of three counties, Oklahoma, Canadian and Kingfisher and is of considerable size. The oil Companies, mainly SOHIO at the time pushed it through, I say illegally, so they could hold on to all the leases they had, which only payed out to the mineral rights owners 1/8 production which is less than half, compared with the at least 3/16 now. They knew and have admitted now that less than 1/3 of the oil had and still has not been drained from the field. It was suppose to by the rules, to require a majority of the mineral rights owners to approve. It never got any where near a majority, but the OCC approved it anyway. They still hold the leases and the mineral rights owners got the short end of the stick!. Current plans call for drilling an additional 44 horizontal wells in the WEHLU for which the mineral rights owners will again be the losers as they are still held by the original leases and they will get no bonuses! All the above is the reason I am strongly pushing to cancel the whole WEHLU AND TAKE THE REQUIRED ACTION TO GET IT DONE!! If you know of any mineral rights owners in the WEHLU, please let me know and/or put them in touch with me,I would appreciate it. John W. Larkin equity25@aol.com

John, Thanks for the explanation. How would a mineral rights owner know if they were in the WEHLU ? Would words like 'WEHLU' or 'Hunton' be in their lease ? (I'm guessing not.)

After some quick Internet searching, it looks like the WEHLU includes some/all of only 2 Townships in NE Canadian County - T14N-R5W and T13N-R5W.......

Kent: The mineral owner would certainly know if he is in the WEHLU. For one thing he would be getting those small checks from SUNOCO for oil and Superior Pipeline Co for gas, the stub of which would identify that he is in the WEHLU, his rights and tract numbers. I have a map of the WEHLU and if he can give me his section, township and range numbers I can easily advise him. It has been estimated that there are over 4000 mineral rights owners in the WEHLU. You are correct on the generally identified area in Canadian county, but there are several more in Kingfisher and Oklahoma counties. John Larkin.

John, do you have the location of the meeting on Sept. 26 in Cape Coral? I am a royalty owner in Grady Co. and live in Central Fl. and would like to attend the meeting. Would like to learn more about the oil & gas industry. Thanks in advance for your help.


John T