OCC Docket Codes

What does it mean in the docket results when they say continued but also code RO and MR? I have a list off codes but I do not see these particular ones. This was on 12-20-22 under Derby Exploration and Blaine County ( 3-18-13 etc.)

@Lanny_Edward_Sells Lanny, What is the case number?

Hi @M_Barnes, Sorry, I usually get an e mail reply and I didn’t this time. The Case #'s are 004521-004526. The spacing order is 672947. Thanks, Lanny

Those codes are new to me. Hopefully someone will reply. I am going to guess that MO is MOtion some kind, but just a guess. You might have to call the commission to find out. Looks like the cases are moving ahead based upon the items that are posted.

RO usually means “Record Opened”. MOR will be seen on Motions and would mean “Motion Order Recommended” or MR (Motion Recommended).