OCC Case Processing Search

Has anyone figured out how to search for cases in the new system by Section/Township/Range? I have searched numerous known documents using the Case Type and S-T-R, which the instructions say should work…not found. Is there a secret I don’t know? A wildcard like “%”? Any help would be appreciated.


Use this link. Use a leading zero if needed.

That link shows site has been moved, then I get an error from there.

I can access the site thru OCC website at Case Processing Online. That’s where I’m seeing this problem. It will not accept a search without 3 digits in those fields, just like the last system. I can find information by “parties” and by time frame but not by land description.

For instance, there’s an application for Increased Density (202001916) in Sec 16-13N-12W in Blaine County filed on 11/17/2020 by Sanguine Gas. I can find it on the general CD list looking at everything for the past year. It does not come up by STR, though.

Are you able to do a successful search with just STR?

Rats! I just tried the link I gave you and it has moved. Must be fairly new on that. They substituted the link to the old way of doing it. I would suggest that you call the number that they listed and ask for the new link by STR. It was really helpful since how is anyone actually going to know the case number without some way of finding it out…

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