OCC Case Processing Database

I have been unable to get into the OCC Case Processing Database for the last few days. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Vic Wetmore

I have!

I can't get in either

Something is wrong right now.

You would think that the OCC would show a little respect and post a notice if that is the case....maintenance on the website.

With the Texas Railroad Commission it is a known fact that every Wednesday at 6 o'clock till' 7 o'clock they will possibly be shut down for maintenance and on some Sundays they will be down for awhile. But they generally post a notice on their website.

Clint Liles

Usually, they work on it on Fridays, but it has been down for days now....'

Since we are discussing this, I can't get into the OCC databases with Windows 10 using the OCC instructions. When I install the Oracle JInitiator, I have the error message come up that the Java plug-in isn't supported. This is in both Chrome as well as IE and Microsoft Edge. I've tried working with this to the point of giving up, then it dawned on me to ask here.

Does anyone have advice or a "workaround" regarding this? TIA for help.


Use an older computer with Vista and Explorer. That is the only way I have been able to make it work.

I called the OCC this morning and their message says they have a system wide internet issue and they are working on it and don't know when it will be back up. Their main line is 405-521-2211. In case anyone finds out it is up and running, let the forum know. Hope they get it fixed quickly. Almost a week now.....

Just an FYI:


OCC site was hacked.

Well, that explains it. Thanks for passing it along. Just have to be patient until they fix it.

Looks like the site is back up now--10.31.2017.

Thank you! Finally!!!