Obtaining public lease information on surrounding "leased" sections - Platte & Goshen Counties, Wyoming

Recognizing there are many professionals on this forum, whom would be a good contact concerning the discovery of lease information on specific sections within Platte and Goshen Counties, Wyoming? Are they public records?

Dear Mr. Coffman,

If the Sections in question are public lands, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is where you want to start.

If the Sections in question are private ownership, the County Clerk in the respective county will be the office where you want to start. There are pay services with varying degrees of accuracy that shows recent leasing activity and lease terms.

Mr. Cotten, Thank you for the help. It is the private lands I am looking for. I garnered copies of the leases for the public lands.

Hi Bob - I’m currently seeking info. on lease terms in Goshen County, WY as well. Have you had any luck with your search? I’d be really interested in discussing this with you if you have a minute. My e-mail is clee@millsshirley.com . Thanks.