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I currently have mineral rights in Louisiana, on property that my family no longer owns. I am interested in obtaining information about the production of these wells, and possible future drilling, etc. I am trying to determine if my family is getting their “fair share”. I have received checks from Kaiser-Francis in the past. Upon contacting them, I was told that I should defer my questions to Devon Oil Production. I have made numerous attempts in the last year to obtain information from Devon, but have never received any calls from them. I had hoped that persistence would pay off, but it has not helped as of yet. Does anyone have any ideas who I should contact about this? I am really new to this, and need as much advice as possible. I have very limited knowledge of this entire process. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Mr Guidry, This is the info that I have: Lincoln Parish Section 35 Township 18 North Range 1 west

Thank you for your help!

Chase Guidry said:

Mr. Creech,

I may be able to help you with some information. Louisiana production data and records can be found on the Department of Natural Resources website (www.sonris.com).

If you send me the property description (Section, Township & Range), I will conduct some research for you to help you get started.

Chase Guidry, Independent Petroleum Landman

Well Serial: 82802 Well Name: CAL CAD SU;O W SIMMONS

The well has a status of “SHUT-IN PRODUCTIVE -FUTURE UTILITY” but is showing production numbers as of 03/01/2010, being 695 BBL of oil and 17050 MCF of gas for the month of March, 2010. The well is being operated by Devon Energy Production CO LP.

After a brief search, I did not see any new wells being drilled in the immediate vacinity of this property (or any wells drilled in the last 10 years or so.)

If you follow the below link, click SONRIS LITE, then click Wells by Serial Number. Use the serial number above to find the well in your section.


The other well in the section is Serial: 80789.

I did not pull the Unit plats for the wells, I am assuming the wells are 640 acre units that cover the entire section, which is commonplace in North Louisiana.


Thanks for the information. I will look into that.I do need to ask u more about the well if u have the time?

I will do my best to answer.

Thanks again, I was triying to find out if my gas well is drying up. I did talk to the land owner for the first time lastnite. I found in my Great grandmothers old papers the old map to the land enginer drew up in the early 1900. Has alot of lines, and numbers going up and down,has if that’s how the land was. It’s says calhoun on I think. Thanks again.

Chase Guidry said:

I will do my best to answer.