Obtaining bids when selling mineral rights

This site has both mineral buying companies (2) and a place to advertise mineral rights for sale. Other than contacting the companies drilling/producing in the area, how would you suggest I gather reputable bids for the rights I own? Clearly, relying on the entities that send letters offering to purchase is not economical wisdom. Thank you for your input.


I would post in the marketplace portion of this forum and state you wish to receive bids via this forum or by email/phone. You can rely on the entities sending offers in the mail, some are honest and some are not, I think posting here in the marketplace will allow you to receive bids and other people in this forum will chime in if they believe the prices are fair or low. Just my 2 cents.

If your mineral rights are in Oklahoma you can go on okcountyrecords.com, narrow down by county, and narrow down by intrument type (in this case Mineral Deed is the most common).

See who is buying, and then when you see who is buying search their name and see who they are selling to. Follow that trail until it stops changing hands and you’re probably looking at an “end buyer”.

There aren’t a TON of true “end buyers” operating in Oklahoma with the type of capital that spits out good offers.

Once you find their name, give it a google search and chances are they have a website in which you can use a contact form, contact email, or give them a call.

Hope this helps!