Obtaining a release from a Mineral Rights Lease in Grady County, OK, located at S17-T9N-R8W

My family owns mineral rights on property in Grady County, OK, located at S17-T9N-R8W. The mineral rights have been tied up for a long time (since the early 1980's at least) while this well was in production. The Pullin 1-17 well was last produced in April 2011 & we have not received any money on the well since that time. What are our legal rights as mineral owners? How do we go about obtaining a release from the lease contract?

make sure you do not cash any checks if they shut in the well. they will sell it and keep the lease alive.

To start with cash no checks from the well if they should send one . If they shut the well in and production stops for them to keep the lease active they are to pay an annual rent as outlined in the lease. I had the same think happen in 23-4n-5w . I will send my # in a friend request if you care to call . I will see what I can find about the well. If you cash a check it will perpetuate the lease so find out if they have lived up to the lease before you cash any more check you might get .