Obtaining a Deed in Reeves County

Where can I go to obtain a deed in Reeves County? I have attempted to call the County Clerk's office, however the number just rings and rings - and the Tax office just refers me to the Clerk. Their website doesn't give you a link or an option for an online search. I have the volume and page number - I just want a copy of the land deed.


texasfile.com has Reeves County records on line.

You have to deposit a minimum of $20.00 to obtain a deed through them - I was hoping for something a bit less expensive.

The expense is applied toward downloading pages at $1.00 per page. You may find that you need other documents regarding title or leases, etc. You can send a letter to the Reeves County Clerk requesting the document and enclose a check - likely for $1.00 per page, but be sure to check - and you need to know the number of pages for correct payment. They will not send you the document with a bill.

That was why I was trying to call them - and still today, no one answers the phone. I am calling 432-■■■■■■■■...and it rings until it goes busy.

They are more than likely very busy. Reeves County is one of the busiest Counties in the Country.

They may not be answering any calls.

Spend the $20. Many times Deeds in Texas will refer to a prior document instead of providing a metes and bounds legal description of the subject property. Like TennisDaze said, you may need additional documents.

Think in terms of paying yourself $20 (or $50 or $100) an hour to work for yourself.

What's your time worth -- considering you can't get any more at any price?

And, yes, www.texasfile.com is worth every penny. First class operation, and they're moving forward, getting better.

Thinking in these terms, you might find that time is on your side, but it's not free.

Good luck,


PS I like Mr. White's pragmatic response

I completely understand getting what you pay for… I guess I’m just used to North Carolina we’re out of our 100 counties 98 of them have all deed information available online for free. I am a real estate paralegal so I’m very very good at doing title searches, so the thought of having to pay $20 for something that literally would be a page number and book reference even with a cross deed is a little out of my comfort zone.

I live in North Carolina, too, but my mineral interests don't.

Yes, North Carolina is easy, but you're here, and Texas is ... there.

At $20 an hour, my watch says you already have cost yourself money. Have done with it, and move on.

Using the links below, you can either order your copies from Texas File.com, Texaslandrecords.com, or from Panola County itself:





At the $100 an hour I charge for my services, you now owe me $20.

Tee Hee.

Hey, wait up ... I haven't submitted my invoice for services yet. Time is a'moving on!


Hi, Do you know of a similar cite I can use for SAN Juan New Mexico?

Thank you.