Obama's EPA and new water regulations

I understand that Obama & the EPA is pushing new rules which regulates all water, including small ponds & streams not just the navigational water. Taking this regulation away from the states & putting it under federal juristiction. If this is true oil companies that lease property will be fined for any small amount of oil spilled on the ground that may mix with any water. The fines will be steeper and strongly enforced. Obama is also using stimules money to hire many more EPA regulators to inspect and enforce these new regulations. Has anyone else heard about this and what will it mean for property owners that have leased to oil & gas companies. Will this give them a new edge to force oil companies to quit spilling oil at the well head.

Yes I’ve heard of it and the simple bottom line to all of this is that Obama is making it more and more difficult if not almost impossible for Americans to continue to do business in this country. To pay for all his outlandish programs, he is forced to tax the small to medium-sized companies on a percentage basis even more than the Exxon’s of this world because in reality, we’re the ones that truly make the country run. And by “tax” I mean levy charges when you break one of his rules - like his new water regulations. What’s even worse is that congress isn’t even part of this. The EPA will be given autonomy to enforce the rules on ALL water as it sees fit. And the director of the EPA is a radical environmentalist.

When it comes to drilling for O&G, I believe he wants to discourage it any way he can in order to force us into smart cars in the long run. Personally, I wouldn’t fit in one. I’m a Texan and everything is bigger in Texas, ya know.

Granted, we MUST protect our waterways but this is way beyond the reach of sensibility.

Perhaps the reults of the election tonight in MA will change a few things and make him rethink his priorities. Can you imgaine it? Teddy Kennedy’s seat lost to a Republican? He rolling over, I’m sure.

Sorry for the politics - I know this isn’t the forum for it. I won’t do it again. But Geeeeshhhh…!

I have been a pumper in the oil and gas industry for over 25 yrs. Their is a new kind of stuffing box rubbers that prevents oil spills at the well head and last much longer than normal rubber packing. They utilize a Teflon rope packing as an inner seal. I haved tried them and they work. The company is out of Wyoming called LappinTech Stuffing Box Rubbers. If you need to prevent oil leaks give them a try. The web site is www.lappintech.com. As of this time the election results are in and the Republicans won. Maybe things will change.