O/G lawyer

Anybody find a good one in West Union area?

Good Luck! Kyle Nuttal is on the page, several have used his services and recommend him.

Most are so busy that you can't get an appointment.

I second what Stephanie P said in both posts.

I have been all over the internet, at court house , have papers we signed a lease with Antero, have questions here for Attorney; I have County Commissions Harrison County papers here on 2 deceased family members and my husband was left an heir; but there is no will on either uncles , Can you please help me here to find out what I need to do and what I have; was waiting on divison order called Colorado main office one lady said there was a well by name Irons, they got their division order but it all has been pooled so is my husband to receive percentage off that one? the are 3 wells in production