NYMEX/low NG prices

I found the NYMEX ng prices listed here.

I emailed many complaints to cheasepeake about the low prices i was receiving and mentioned the prices listed on NYMEX

Cheasepeake's answer: " we do not go by the NYMEX" prices.

Also, after many emails and many run arounds, that Unkown to me, Cheaspeake was holding out expenses. My check stub said 00 deductions.

Also, on one well, the landowner received $3.70 on the last check. I received $1.86. My land joins his and my lease is under an old lease at at a very low percentage. I did not know i had an expense clause in my lease. The landowner joining my land had a no expense lease, but more than likely he is under an old lease with a low pecentage. I think this is quite unfair. Cheasepeake is getting many, many complaints about low prices. Othe companies in the area are paying higher prices.