Numerous and Ever Changing Operators

In 2004, I acquired interest in Section 7-12N-26W. I was advised that the operator planned to drill many more wells and that I would be included in any additional wells drilled. I receive royalty payments on a few Davis Wells but my research indicates there are many Davis Wells and many operators. An Operating Agreement was executed but only the “Memorandum of” is available. My concern is that I’m not receiving royalties on wells that I should be and funds are possibly suspended. Any suggestions on how I can obtain this information?

For your section there is the Davis 2-7H and the Davis 3-7H. You can look them up on the OCC well records site You can also see the operator change in form 1073. Apache sold to Presidio Petroleum. Both contacts are on the form, so you can contact them for any questions about royalties.

Thank you and yes those are the ones I’m being paid on. I believe I have emailed Apache already as I have already seen the images and forms you reference. I subscibe to Shale XP and they have lots of information. I suspect a copy of the actual Operating Agreement would shed some light on the issue. Do you think one of the participating operators would provide me with a copy? I’ve never asked for something like that before.

Only the working interest owners will have the operating agreements and they are not likely to share.

There are other Davis wells in the area, but they are in a different section and unless you own minerals in that section, you will not get any royalties from them.

What exactly are you wanting to know?

I believe there was an Increased Density Order also.

I am not very familiar with operating agreements.

There was in increased density cause back in 2013… Case 201306119-T oRder 617911. Apache only asked for one more well. Hence only the two Davis wells.

Thank you for all your help.

My royalties from my Roger Mills county minerals were last paid in August. I found that Presidio Petroleum had bought our wells from Apache so I emailed owner.relations@presidiopetroleumcom on 6 November, asking when I would be paid. I also asked for Oklahoma statutory interest No response. I checked Presidio’s online contact info today, called their listed number, and listened to their recording. There is no way to speak to a Presidio person. I emailed today, resending the same information as 6 November.

It usually takes several months to get everything switched over from one company to another. I have found that a certified letter return receipt often gets things moving and you have a receipt that they got the letter. You also need to check the minimum amount on your division order. Many of them say $100, but I always change it to read $25 so that I get more regular checks as the revenue decreases over time.

Thanks for the information James!

Good information. I think Presidio took over from Apache on 8 July, 2019. I’d think they anticipated payment to their “new” royalty owners before they purchased the wells, and didn’t start thinking about that issue on 8 July. Granted, there are a lot of wells and therefore many more royalty owners.

You are correct - just received the first Presidio check.

Good for you. I have not received a Presidio check but I did receive an Apache check in November for production from July, 2019. I have not received checks for the months of September and October. I sent Presidio my fourth email today, this time to versus the other emails to I’ve also tried to contact Oildex, now apparently called Enverus, who processes Apache checks and perhaps will do the same for Presidio. There seems to be no way to talk to anyone at Presidio. Frustrating.

Received a mailed check from Presidio two days ago for August and September royalties. This is good. I’m now trying to set up direct deposit through Oildex (now called Enverus, if I have the spelling correct) which processes their royalty payments.

Presidio will handle the direct deposit if they offer it. Oildex will provide you the check detail if Presidio contracts with them to do so.

Yes - I’e been in contact with both. Thank you for the information.

If my section was pooled with others in Roger Mills, would I not receive a proportionate share of wells in the pooled unit?

Your question is a bit vague to answer correctly. Which section, township and range? Which pooling order? It depends upon the language in the order.

The law in Oklahoma is found here: