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We have 1/2 perpetual mineral interest in, E. Flour bluff,and Encinal Farms and Garden tracts, Neuces county


lot22 sec 19,lots9and 10 sec18, lots22and 23, sec51,lot12 block6 sec 45, lots 19,20,21,on N-1/2

lots 22,23,23,sec54. there was an affidavit filed in Nueces county back in 89 by his mother , showing the chain of ownership, Grandfather to ,father to her. If any one knows of anything going on in these tracks please let me know

I am researching an inherited mineral interest to our family in Agua Dulce Unit, Sec 86 & 87, Geo H. Paul Subdivision B, in Nueces Co. under a mineral deed of Minnie Brown et al.

I know that their ownership is before 1949 from a document by Union Producing Company that has the lease and interest number. I think I need to find the deed itself with our relatives names to refer to when I finish Devon Energy's request for recorded Affidavidt of Heirship.

Title research is not new to me but I am having a hard time finding this title even using a title company.

Is there information on this property that you might have?

Dave, something is wrong. Are you certain that you are being paid for all production for which you are entitled? Do you know other individuals in this same well where you can look up what their assessment is in relation to yours?

Take your assessed value and divide by your royalty perecnt and that should be the gross value for that well. As i understand it, and this is something i have been concerned about, each royalty owner in that well should have their respective assessments based on that gross value times their royalty interest or working interest or overriding royalty interest.

We would all be pretty close to broke if our minerals were taxed at that level.

I have never protested mineral assessments because my interest is so very small in relation to that of the operator, thus they have the insentive to fight the value.

I would suggest you go to the railroad. Ommission website and look up well producttion and make certain you are being paid on what the operator is reporting to the rr . Good luck and let me know how this turns out.

Doug Archer

Doug, I guess I asked questions before having all the facts. I made a total of my royalty deposits as I found them in my bank account. However, they do not match my statements I pulled out today. The personal property tax bill received last Wednesday from Nueces county turns out to be closer to 20% of what I have received. Even though that even seems high to me from a County tax standpoint, it is certainly better than it was last year. I guess we must have been depressed by the lower production this year and could not remember the first three months of the year having been ok. Thanks for answering me so fast today. Dave

Any body have access to Nueces County records that woul be willing to do a little research for me?

Hi...My mother died in Sept 2015. I am the sole heir to the mineral rights she has in Nueces County. When do the royalties/mineral interests officially transfer to me? My sister the executor has been silent and has not told me anything concerning about what she has done or is doing in regards to the my mineral royalties. I have had to contact the oil company myself and found out my sister did a W-9 in November to transfer the royalties to the estate. Is this correct?

Looking to identify Section 33 of the Wm. Benton Pasture or Wm. Benton Ranch. I have reason to believe that this is in the A-111 but I can not find it. I welcome any help here.

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