NPRI Mineral Rights Live Oak County, tx

Hello, my family and I were informed we had mineral rights being an NPRI and told by ConocoPhillips with lots of 65 thru 68 block 1 live bee subdivision No 1 Guadalupe braba survey A-78 live oak county, tx for 40.26 acres with our interests lying with (Kimerer) and (Crawford's-same family) with them being the land/surface owners with another family that i guess bought some of the acerage with the drilling years ago breeching both lands. They are in a dispute with this family with the current status being in a cloud. All assets are frozen until the dispute is reconciled. I put out this information with the hopes someone knows something and help my family or steer us in the right direction to bring our part of this to a closure as its been going on for 4 years. We (if having any part of this to help if we still have rights after all of this please let us know. Do we need to attain forms to acknowledge our rights to the mineral rights as being inherited by our grandfather? We have gone thru 5 different Landmans thru Conoco Phillips at times given incorrect information told we did not have to do a thing but wait for them to contact us. I asked for updates every 6 months with being referred to a new landman. Originally we told it had to be reconciled within 1 year by the land owners over 3 years ago. However I guess the other family retained legal advice at the very end of that year hence i am typing this. Anyone out there that can help?

Hi, Joel -

Accept my invitation to become A Friend on The Forum and send me your legal descriptions and all of the names the subject NPRI would or should be in and I'll take a look at your situation.

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Charles Emery Tooke III

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Fort Worth, Texas

Hello Charles, it's been a while maybe too long however was wondering if you still wanted to look into this? Let me know and we will go from there.

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Sure! I'll send you another invitation to be A Friend.

Joel -

I found where I had researched your properties last year. If my first pass assumptions are correct, you may be in for quite a nice surprise.

Let't talk tomorrow (Saturday). Call me about 1:00PM your time, that will be 3:00PM my time.