November Government Leases for Platte and Goshen County - Who is leasing?


It looks like some leasing activity and some old wells being brought back online to tie up leases is happening at the Platte/Goshen border.

This Wyoming State lease auction on 7-18-18 had land in SE Platte County and across the border into Goshen. Bonus for that auction were $18-$38 an acre at 16.67%. It shows 5 unique bidders on some of those leases.

Anyone can nominate land for an auction on this web site, so someone was interested in getting those leases.

Right before this on 6-25-18 oil well 49-015-20178 in T20N, R65W, S34 that had been shut-in, was submitted for resuming production after almost 8 years of being shut in. Resuming production ties up that lease to prevent it from expiring.

Then in November there is another Wyoming State lease auction. Land is T20 R65 now went for up to $504 bonus per acre. The top 10 Shows at least 4 unique bidders, with 2 being over $500 an acre

Meanwhile you’ll see posts here that I already replied to showing lease offers in that area. I suspect that someone is trying to acquire a land holding quickly and quietly and cheaply. I’d be interested in who the players are.

On the sundry notice for the well that resumed mentioned above, it lists J-Bird well service incorporated at a PO box. However the person who signed it was Tammie Simmons who happens to work for BP oil company in the indirect procurement department.

Incidentally j-bird also now has 10 other wells in the area they are list for, 3 of which they are producing again at minimal amounts, but again, enough to tie-up a lease.

BP wouldn’t advertise that they are trying to assemble acreage and their locations for Wyoming don’t show this area, it makes you wonder if they being the bidders and the landmen that are trying to assemble leases in the area. BPX Energy Sites | BPX Energy | Exploration and Production | What we do | BP U.S..

It should be interesting to see what other activity that is happening in the area.


I just found this link from the lease results that shows the winners of the auctions.

November 2018 Auctions

July 2018 Auctions

It looks like Drake Land Services and Baseline minerals both won auctions in November and Baseline won the cheaper auctions back in July.

It would be interesting to know who their clients are.

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I’ve made a heat map showing the bonuses paid for the November 2018 auctions. Most of these are in Goshen county, but I’m sharing here since there is not Goshen County section. I’m also told that there is going to be an oil meeting January 30th @ 6:30 at the high school, I’m assuming with some exploration companies that are leasing. If anyone wants to send me any leases or lease offers I’ll figure out a way to map those into this heat map.