Notifying Oil and Gas Companies of my change of address

I am moving after 23 years in my home. I have several mineral companies to notify, and I’m not sure how to go about it. Does anyone have information or a site you can guide me to? Thank you!

You will need to notify the county clerk in every county where you have minerals (producing or not) with the new address and description of the minerals. They usually have a certain way that they want it filed. Small fee, but worthwhile to do!

For producing minerals, send a certified return receipt letter to each company that is sending you a check. Their address is usually at the top of the check receipt and also on their website.


Where are your minerals?

Also, certain states have requirements that you must regularly claim your minerals or they revert back to the original owner. Probably why Richard was asking about where they are.

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Grady, Garvin, Caddo, Stephens, Carter, Murray, Cherokee, Comanche,Washita and Kiowa

It is a fairly simple notice to file in the counties. You need:

  1. Legal description
  2. Information about an earlier instrument filed that mentions you.
  3. Your current information. Each county will charge $13 to file a one page document. Of course letters to current operators.
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