Notification of Relief Sought

We have mineral rights in OK. Over the years we have periodically gotten legal papers with notice of hearings for multiunit horizontal wells and increased density sought. I have always thrown them out. I’m writing now to learn if any one knows if there is any reason we should keep that paperwork?

I appreciate advice from y’all.

You can find the paper work you’re talking about on the OCC website in the case possessing search page. All is not lost if you throw them away, just make sure to read and review them, I’d make note of the date, cause #, order #, and legal description in a excel spreadsheet. If you wanted to view them again at a later date, you could just punch the cause number in on the OCC imaging site.

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I agree with Diesel. I keep a running spreadsheet of each case number, the acreage involved and the order, dates, etc. The ones you really want to keep are the final orders with any wells that have the splits between the sections of a multisection well. You need to compare that percentage with your division order. I have gotten some incorrect division orders that were “drafts” so the operator could pay me and not have to pay interest. But the splits were different and we had to get a new division order. I also keep a copy of all the orders in a digital format in Dropbox (or other storage software) You can download all the paperwork in .pdf form and save it that way.

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