Notification of Ownership Procedures

I have asked this question before, but never got a definitive answer. I have been working mineral rights for my daughter. Her great grandfather is the owner of record of these minerals, he died about 22 years ago, will probated, leaving to my daughters mother, she then died, leaving all to my daughter, her only heir. I have managed to prepare a packet of all these documents to provide to the operators of the various leases, this has gone well and slowly I have updated this awful mess to a current legally sufficient situation. Somewhere along this journey, I think I had decided that it was proper to furnish this also to each county involved (Chaves and Lea counties of New Mexico). Am I correct and if so exactly who at these counties should this information be addressed to and in what format?

I guess nobody else knows the answer either.

Hi Don,

you need to address any conveyances to the Chaves County Clerk and the Lea County Clerks offices in New Mexico. there is a fee involved per page I believe. I would call the Lea/Chaves county clerks offices for address info, fee info, and any other info you feel you need.

I recorded address changes in both Counties myself so am somewhat familiar with the process. Of course this was over a decade ago and rules may have changed.

good luck.

Also the reason you may not have been helped sooner is you need to post in the Lea/Chaves county links on this forum. Each county has its own thread.