Notice of hearing

Hello, I just received a notice of hearing for a horizontal drilling appreciate. Sec.27 and34,Township 3north range 3 west. Can someone tell me what this in tells, and what it will lead to ?

Darn spell correct...that's was for a drilling application from a multi unit horizontal well....and what it may lead to..

Can you post the CD number?

Hi Frank, The CD # 201704129-T..... It appears that they will drill , but this is the first time I have received this kind of paperwork. Can someone explain this to me ?

For some reason that CD number is not showing up yet on the Commission's web page so the documents are not yet available. The case has probably not been scanned yet by the staff even though it has been filed.

Sounds like the applicant wants to drill a 2-mile horizontal lateral, probably in a shale zone.

Can you tell me the reason for the Hearing, and why the notification. My family would like to consult a lawyer, just wandering if this is necessary. Thanks in advance for your help....I also checked the commission Web site.

Consulting a lawyer is always the best choice. Advice from a public forum can be helpful, or it can be misleading. And you won't have a good way to tell the difference.

These sections have spacing, location exception and multi-unit applications and notices filed by Casillas. They appear to be preparing to drill a horizontal Mississippian test. This area already has production from Sycamore, Woodford and Hunton. The multi-unit application is required because Casillas wants to drill one well between sections 27 and 34.