Notice of Hearing Stephens County OK

I just got a letter referring to a Notice of Hearing about drilling and spacing in Section36-01N-06W. Does anyone know what this is about? Marathon has an active well Lance 1-36H at this location. Are they planning something else?

The Lance well was in the Devonian Woodford reservoir. If you read the letter, it will probably mention which other zone they are planning to space. Probably a shallower one. It is typical to drill the deeper zone first and then move up in reservoirs if they are economic. Does the letter come from the OCC and have a case number at the top?

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Thanks for the reply. The letter was from Emerald Bay Royalties and was an offer to buy our mineral rights. We are not interested in selling. However, as Lance production has declined, I wondered what Marathon might be planning.

I looked on the OGWellRecords Website and found nothing that looked relevant.

I use “offer to buy” letters as a signal that someone has heard something or has a plan in mind to hopefully make a profit off of our acreage. Time will tell. As product prices have risen, many operators are starting to do infill drilling in sections that make economic sense. The OCC website will be the place to watch for further activity.

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Thanks again. I appreciate your insight.

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