Notice of Continuance for a Multiunit Horizontal Well

I am new to the mineral interests game, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have received numerous court paperwork for Section 22, T7S, R2E, Love county. The last one was from December of 2020. It said it was a “Notice of Continuance” for a Multiunit Horizontal Well. Can anyone tell me what that means? The land is currently under lease. How do I look up to see what is happening? Thanks so much for your help. Just an FYI, I have some mineral interests in Carter County also and would like to know how to see what is going on.

Here are some very useful and free sites. Pending OCC cases if you have the case numbers:

Docket proceedings:

Well activity:

Production: Gross Production

Deeds, probates, etc. to look, but pay to print. Note that the well may be spud in a section nearby, so look around your section.

Thank you so much for your reply. When I looked at the well activity, it was an Amend Permit to Drill and it showed Extended. I am assuming that means they haven’t found oil yet and are going to continue drilling deeper?

It could mean the time is extended or it could mean the depth is extended. Which case are you asking about? If you are talking about the Brooks permit to drill, then the time is extended. Covid caused a delay in a lot of drilling in 2020-early 2021, so many permits have been extended in time.

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Risnert- It means they have not begun drilling yet but still have time because the permit was extended beyond its original expiration date.

Thank you, I was talking about the Brooks permit.