Notice of claimed mineral interest by limitations

Ronnie Taylor chancery clerk of Amite County Mississippi. Filed a quitclaim deed on my behalf in a civil case by court order; The contract that I entered into was to sale 85 surface acres only. He quitclaim all my interest in said land. Despite the fact that I reserved 100% of the mineral fee estate. However on or about 2012; I filed a notice of claimed mineral interest by limitations.I paid the mineral documentary tax; for 85 mineral acres; and the required filling fee. This document can be found in book 0209 pages 351-353. This chancery clerk worked for me before becoming chancery clerk? Whenever this mineral. fee simple estate is considered for lease he points all interested parties to look at quitclaim he appears suppress my notice of claimed mineral interests by limitations. Said notice is legally binding after the fact and has been recorded since 2012 to the present. Can anyone give me some advise at this present time as to wheather my title is fee simple, with respect to leasings and drilling rights. Would the Mississippi oil and gas board hear my case?.

Property loated in sec 13-2N-4E.Amite County, MS. Buyer’s beware of this clerk; shaddy.

Knowledge is power. I’m covered no worries; Mississippi Senate bill 2316: solved my issue. Mr. Taylor did his job. "An act to create the Mississippi Mineral Rights reform act of 2015. My notice of claimed ownership of mineral interest by limitations: was filed in a timely fashion on February 14th 2012. Mr Taylor did reserve my mineral fee estate absolute. Thank you Jesus.