Not sure what I have in 1S-4W sections 14 and 23

After reviewing my files I appear to own royalties which have been unitized into the Williams Pickens Sand Unit. I also own both WI and ORRI in two leases in 14 and 23. All of the interests involve old wells at shallow horizons. How do I figure out if the new horizontal wells are beneficial to me?

I have not seen any correspondence regarding OCC filings or offers to purchase.

Just want to be aware if I am to be affected.

Thanks in advance.

You should be getting correspondence from the OCC. Make sure your address is correct with the county clerk.
There are Seven pending cases before the OCC in Section 14 and seven in 23. Some of the numbers overlap.

You need to look up the following cases on the OCC website and make sure you are on the list for the attorneys. (If you inherited, look under your ancestor’s name)

201804332, 201804331, 201805084, 201805082, 201805151, 201805150, 201805751 for sec 14.

201805086, 201805084, 201805083, 201805154, 201805153, 201805152, 201805150 for section 23.

Your old leases and the unitization documents will determine what your new situation will be. You may actually be in the Sholem Alechem Goodwin Sand Unit. Goodwin SU N, Sholem Alechem Fault Block E U. Type in your sections in the Unitization area of the OCC. Type in 14001S04W and then 2301S04W to catch all the documents.

I would suggest that you download all the documents that pertain to your two sections and read them. I know they can seem complicated when you start (I am in some of those units as well), but you will get the hang of it.

They are just starting to go for the deeper horizons in this area with horizontals into the shales that are the source rocks for these old fields. I can’t speak exactly to these sections, but everywhere else that I have had horizontals drilled under my old fields, they have been quite nice! My old fields were in very serious decline and the new wells have been beneficial. You may have to get professional attorney and accountant help on the Working Interest part.

Oops, typo on my part. 1401S04W. My finger slipped.

Thank you for your help. Let me do some more work on this.

Hi Martha-

Anything going on in section 35-1S-4W?

Echo just filled six cases at the OCC. You should have gotten the packets. OAP

201808481, 80, 79, 78, 77, 83. Check 83 to make sure you know about the pooling. Hearing is supposed to be on the 13th of November.

After a little more analysis, my situation in Stephens County can be summarized as follows:

I have recorded deeds filed with the Stephens County Clerk for mineral interests in 12-2S-4E and 14-1S-4W. My address is correct. I am being paid (very nominal amounts) on the EVMB Humphreys Sand Unit, the EVMB Sims Sand Ut., the Wildhorse UT, Sholem Alechem Fault Block Ut. It is my understanding that the mineral interests shown above account for my interest in the units. My internal documentation on these unitized interests only include check stubs and division orders from numerous purchasers over the years.

I found my name mentioned in 4 of the 14 OCC documents you referenced. I have not received direct correspondence on any of these.

The working interests are in 18-2S-3W and 14-1S-4W. I only have the lease documents on these. I realize this is a separate issue.

All of the interests were inherited through my grandparents. Grandfather was a geoligist in Ardmore. I have enough knowledge that I can get myself into trouble :slight_smile:

Should I be in contact with the companies filing the docs with the OCC? Or should I just let the game come to me?

Thanks again for your advice.

Have a good weekend.

If you inherited from your grandfather, then make sure that you have filed probate in Stephens County and your name is associated with the tracts so the Landmen and Operators can find you. You should be getting information on anything that you own. Not alll of the current filings may have your name since if you are leased, you may not receive a pooling order. Check the documents and see if any other relatives are on there.
Definitely get in touch with the companies that are active. This area is heating up quickly and you don’t want to miss important deadlines.

Between grandfather and the current interest have been my grandmother, father, a family trust, and now my interest is being held in an LLC. Title is correctly held in the LLC’s name, and no probate is necessary at this time. All properties are HBP. All OCC documents are filed by 89 Energy LLC (or protesters). Since 89 has my name on 4 of the docs, I assume they have me in their database.

I will contact them to inquire as to why I am not receiving copies of the filings.

Thanks again.

Always a good idea to make sure they know about you.

A simple affidavit with updated addresses, etc is always a good idea.