Not receiving royaly checks

I haven’t received any checks from Arrowhead in Ft Worth Texas in a long time. I thought I would just call and check in with them. Phone number no longer in service. As far as I can tell, they are still producing on my mineral rights property in Palo Pinto County Texas. Anyone know anything about this company or if they are still in existence? And if not, how do I find out if a different company is producing on my wells?

Rex if you will give the name of the well(s), API #'s, Abstract #, Section , Block#, lease #…any information you have about the lease I’m sure someone on this Forum can help you

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If you have the Railroad Commission Lease No. you can look up production records for this well on the Railroad Commission website and those records show the operator over time.

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Tagging onto this question, how do I check this for Oklahoma wells?

Type in the surface locations or the name of the well. Form 1073 is a change of operator.

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Rex, using the RRC wellbore query, there are 8 wells in Palo Pinto County that are operated by Arrowhead Productions LP. 6 of the 8 show as temporarily abandoned, shut-in, plugged or in use as a disposal well. The 2 wells in the Oran/Marble Falls field have very low production ( 1 - 2 barrels per month) and so it may take some time to build up to minimum payment levels. Hope this information is useful to you.

Thank you for the inf!

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