Not receiving royalty payments from XTO Energy

I have mineral rights on pooled lease in Love county Reed well has been in production since March 2021. Received request from XTO Energy for a W9 form. I tried calling them and sent email and not able to get a response from XTO Energy. Is anyone else having a problem with getting payment. Is there a better way to contact them and get a response. i appreciate any help with this.

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Your response begs the question- did you send them the W-9 form? If so, you should be paid. If not you won’t be paid.

Send your W-9 be certified mail return receipt. If you are still not paid within a month after the receipt is returned, then send a certified mail request for payment of royalties and interest. That usually gets their attention.

Todd, I appreciate the response. I mailed the completed W-9, faxed and emailed it to XTO Energy/Exxon. The 800 number they have for owners does not allow you to leave a voice mail. My brother that is an owner in the same well mailed his w-9 certified and still has not been paid. I was given an email for a contact at Exxon I will try that. I will also send a request for payment with my w9 certified mail. Thank you again.

There is no doubt that XTO has digressed in its approach in handling owner’s questions since inquiries are now directed to ExxonMobil. I am having problems with them recognizing a transfer I did recently. Now that you & your brother are entitled to revenue past the 180 day threshold, be sure you ask for statutory interest, currently @ 12%, provided you have clear title. Stay after them and good luck.


Crazy, I just got a reply from ExxonMobil. Here is their contact that I used:

If I have not received payments from XTO for 18 months because my last check was never deposited, am I entitled to 12% interest on outstanding royalties? I’ve tried writing to find out what I need to do to get payments restarted but no reply from them so far.

If you had the check but did not deposit, then no.

First, check and make sure that your division order minimum is set at $25. You can send in a new one. Your royalties may not have added up to the $100. Not sure what state you are in, but check the production records in your state and see if your wells are still online. If they were supposed to auto deposit and it was over your minimum, then send a certified return receipt letter requesting payment and interest. Call and send an online request the same day and say so in your certified letter. Keep a copy of the letter and the green return card.

I’m in Oklahoma and I’ll have to dig up the DO but the response they sent me was “ We have reviewed your account and we would like to inform you that it shows a balance **suspense due to “Uncashed Check”. This was a response to my asking why I hadn’t been paid. The uncashed check the reference was for $103 issued in November of 2019. From that point on, they haven’t sent me payments even though the wells are still producing (I looked).

I have no record of receiving that check or any correspondence at my address, which hasn’t changed in 10 years. I discovered the missing payments when working on this years taxes and after the first response confirming suspension of payments, my emails have thus gone unanswered. I’ll try sending a new DO and certified letter as you suggested.

The same thing happened to me with another company. They had a check returned as un-deliverable (our address has not changed in 50 years), so they put us in suspense. It took quite a bit of emailing, calling and letter writing to get it put back into pay. Keep after them!

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Megan- a couple of my messages earlier in this thread will give you Exxon’s revenue department contact. That should do the trick.

I also have a interest in the Read Well in Love County. I like you have had trouble getting any information from XTO. I did get a email today from John Ward indicating he got a response from XTO. The division order is completed and we should be getting that shortly. I know that we’ve been hearing this for quite some time.

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Thank you for sharing the information on the Reed well. I actually spoke to someone at XTO on Monday. They told me they would contact the Revenue dept for someone to let me know when a check would be issued. I have not received any information yet. I will let you know if I hear anything from XTO.

Thanks for the help. They did finally get back to me and said that I am no longer in pay suspense. However, I am actually in “Overpayment” and until they’ve reached the amount that they have overpayed us, we won’t receive any new checks.

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