Not receiving royalties

My family has mineral interest at this location. It seem that it has been producing. We have not received any royalties. Is this a normal process?|2=06|3=2018|4=05|5=2019|103=51065|6=O|102=08|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

I am not an expert, just a mineral owner like you. So I probably can’t help much. But I have some questions. One - have you received a division order? Two - are you sure that your interest lies within the well acreage? (The well includes the eastern half of Sec. 294 and SE quarter of Sec. 295.) And three - do you have a lease with Centennial and what does it say about well costs and expenses?

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We signed a lease with Centennial in 2017 and received a bonus. I don’t know about the well cost and expenses, I will look that up on the lease.

Have you contacted Centennial? I heard that sometimes they take up to a year to issue division orders. I would contact them at Centennials owner relations hotline link.

I contacted them via the above link about a division order on a new well and when I might expect it. They replied within 72 hours.

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