Not never gotten any gas royalty from any wells since 1958

We have 8 wells most held in production by Le Jones but the couple that are we never have received any thing from the gas and it’s been a lot of it but le Jones hasn’t done nothing is it possible to fire le jones because we are ready to change last year they sold 89 energy one of our leases and now we can’t get any intelligent answers from those in the pockets trust has flew away thanks and God bless

You might find this case as interesting reading: CONCORDE RESOURCES CORP. v. KEPCO ENERGY, INC.

A lot of these old leases do not have any release provisions and any one producing well will hold all acres and all depths. It is not possible for you to demand that an operator or lessee give up the lease without good reason. Have the minerals been under continuous production since 1958? You might want to post more detail about the operator and the wells under the county and state to get more helpful feedback.

If 89 Energy 1 is the company you are trying to get information from it looks like they merged with Camino Natural Resources in December, 2017. The email address for the Owner Relations Department at Camino is or phone (720) 405-2780.

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