Not getting royalty checks

We have not received any royalty checks since Sampson Oil bought the well in McKenzie County Who do I contact to find out why?

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There are lots and lots of wells in McKenzie County. Please give the name of the well and the section, township and range.

Martinez 32H Don’t have information at my finger tips right now.

That would be surface location in 31-151N-102W. Suggest you contact Samson and see what is going on. The wesll was apparently shut in from 12/14-10/19. Produced through June 2020 when it was shut in due to market/Covid reasons. Opened back up November 2020 and is still on.

Maybe someone local knows if Samson sold it. I still see them as the operator.

Than you for the information on the well. Now to find who to question.

What to do? My leasing company just sold to a new leasing company and are now two months behind. After multiple phone calls and excuses the checks are still not in the mail as promised. Any advice on who to call. The well’s are in Hansford county Texas, name: Ayres. Multiple family members are affected by this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Roger

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