Northeast Grady County

My wife owns mineral right in a well with 3- Quarters of production history logged in the database. we have recent ‘drive-by visual’ information on 2- wells being completed in the northeast most corner of Grady Co. From the size, and thus assumed through-put capacity of the process equipment being laid down and tied-in, indications are that both wells are anticipated to be prolific gas producers. (I recognized a minimal crude and salt water tank battery.)

we are wondering if there are implications of benefits for future drilling on her interest in the two sections which are located one mile west and one mile south? (to my minimal knowledge and understanding, this would most necessarily be another horizontal well into a pay zone at a different (higher or deeper) depth.

Thank you for your interest and willingness.

Jim Matthews


It helps to provide your section/township/range so we can provide you with information that is available.

Todd M. Baker

sect. 26 & 23, 10N, 5W

Jim: Your wife should be receiving royalty on 2 wells named GRIFFIN 26-23-10-5 and GRIFFIN 26-35-10-5.

The first is a well that takes in Sections 23 & 26-10N-5W and the 2nd takes in Sections 26 & 35-10N-5W. Both had 1st production in December, 2017.

Most of the wells in this area are producing from the Woodford formation with multiple wells per section.

Todd M. Baker

thanks for your added weight to what we surmised. the larger puzzle is at the end of last year we have received new solicitations to purchase " . . . your mineral interest . . .". does this not indicate anticipated future activity?


In my experience, my offers to buy have been for about the value of one-two wells and do not take into account future activity. That is where they will make a profit. I would rather have that royalty instead.

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