North Dakota Oliver County

Does anyone know if there is any drilling currently for coal in Oliver County? I didn’t see Oliver County listed on this forum? Since I don’t live in ND, I am unaware of anything going on. Thankyou John Lynch

There was at least one application for coal mining in Oliver County back in 2017. BLM seeks public input on proposed Federal coal lease application in Oliver County | Bureau of Land Management. Suggest you do some online research with the North Dakota Geological Society, The Bureau of Land Management, etc.

M.Barnes…thank you…just googled that info this morning. Our family Mineral Rights are just East of that area. Also we are going to file a Mineral Rights Claim like our mother did years back!

M. Barnes…It occurred to me that if our mother (deceased) already filed a Statement of Claim of Mineral Interest in 1985 thru an attorney, is there any need for us to do it again? Or just hire legal to go thru probate or whatever else is needed to secure our mineral rights. Also, is there a way to find out if a quiet claim was submitted by the surface land owner? Any thoughts would be appreciated…John Lynch

Her claim is only good for 20 years, so just went to 2005. You are already 15 years behind. If there was no mining or oil activity, no one may have claimed, but usually she would have gotten notice if someone did. The Claim would have been filed in the county courthouse if successful.

You will most likely need to probate the estate in order to pass the minerals to the heirs. Get legal advice on that matter. And then file the mineral claims in the heirs’ names.

M.Barnes…thank you for the information…Happy 4th…John Lynch

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