North Dakota oil leasing company Aqyre

Has anyone dealt with this company: Aqyre? They are leasing for Liberty Oil. They are very aggressive and I personally do not like their tactics of sending out leases to family members that they cannot reach via phone. I had the Aqyre landman lie to my ‘face’ over the phone as he said a family member asked him to send the lease. (which I know was not true) I realize a lot of landmen will do this tactic, but have heard from local ND landmen that we should be aware of Aqyre’s tactics of ‘hurry up’ and obtain the lease, and not let the family realize what’s on the lease! And that they might not pay on time, etc. Anyone out there dealing with them? What are your thoughts on Liberty Oil? My family has rights in Burke County, Leaf Mountain township, north of Tioga, south of Crosby/Columbus.

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