North Dakota Law Resource

I have many, many resources at my disposal. As a service to the board, I would be willing to pen a series of articles concerning the oil and gas law of North Dakota, IF THERE IS ENOUGH INTEREST.

This series should have value for not only the landowner, but the land professional as well.

Please respond below if you have an interest in me beginning such a series.

If there is enough interest, I could pen complimentary series for Montana and Colorado as well.


I would be interested in the ND series of articles



I would be very interested in your articles for both ND and Montana. I am sure as many that have mineral interest in the Bakken would find these articles helpful.


Buddy, anything you can contribute to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John


I think it would be great!!



You would be doing everyone a great service.

ND and MT have been learning many lessons the hard way, and this could save many a heart ache for any and all mineral owners.

I look forward to your articles.

Much Thanks

Great idea. Very interested.


It's very nice of you to offer this. I would be very interested and can't imagine anyone not being interested. Thanks in advance,


Thanks for the responses. How about a comparative law review between MT, CO and ND? Probably take me a year.

Hi Buddy,

Since you are the author and are willing to do this, I'm sure whatever you decide to start with will be appreciated, however long it takes. Thank you for helping people as much as you do. Have a great day.


It is a most generous offer. I will look forward to it.

Thanks for thinking of MT also. We’re told that three oil wells will be drilled in Roosevelt County this summer; it’s heating up.

Thank you, Buddy. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

That would be most helpful. Everything to do with my mineral interests is completely foreign to me and I don't want to blow making the right decisions for future generations of my family. The weight on my shoulders is so heavy with this and the potential effects on the lives of my grand children and great grandchildren is immense. Thank you for offering to write this.

I am very interested. Thanks, Jan

Bud, Yep might be useful, count me in......BJ

My family has inherited numerous mineral rights throughout several states. Is there a standard way to organize these properties? Right now we use State, twn, range, section. However many units consist of abutting sections and have undivided interests covering three sections or more.

Dear Ms. Tario,

I am a firm believer in a "Mineral Book" whether it be in a binder or done electronically.

I may blog about the mineral book.