North Angelina County Leasing

As a FYI, Black Stone Minerals (with BP America as the Operator) is leasing in north Angelina County and building 960 acre units around EOG's Sarge Unit (now owned by Black Stone Minerals). This drilling effort is part of Black Stone Mineral's working interest program (see their website). Two permits have been filed including the TRex and Dino Units. The TRex Unit has been drilled and is currently being completed. Most of the mineral acreage being used to build these units is owned by heirs of the old Angelina County Lumber Company (a sawmill company that ceased operations way back in the 1960 era). Total acreage is about 2,500 acres.

The "going" fair offer lease rate in this area is $250 to $350 bonus per acre with a 20% to 22.5% royalty (cost free). I hope this helps the lucky few with mineral interests in this immediate location.

Hello, couple of things. I have minerals in this area.

First, how do you know the facts you stated? (BP and XTO selling to BG Group, Shell has take or pay contract, spot LNG price, Cheniere's charge to liquefy.) How are you privy to such info, just curious. Is this public information? Thanks for the info but would like to know how you get such info.

Second, you say don't lease if you can wait. Unless you own all/most of the minerals under a very large tract, in Texas, what good does it do to hold out in today's environment? They can often just cut you out of any proposed unit and you end up with nothing and could also, effectively, get drained by production. Unless there is intense competition, I don't get it.