Norma Shear:Reeves County Section 18/Block 55 T4S/A-3964

Good Morning Norma,

County A-3964/Section 18/Block 55T4S

I see where a location in Section 18 was approved for drilling on August 15, 2014 to Cimarex but I am not sure this well(34421) was ever drilled. Next door to the East in Section 19 Anadarko has an approved permit(Dec. 28, 2016) to drill 11,500' Wolfcamp well(35549). In Section 31 Panther Exploration has an approved permit(Aug. 26, 2016) to drill a 12,000' well(35301).....this well will start in Section 31 and end in Section 24. Well 34748 will also start in Section 31 and end in Section 24.

Link to Production data on well(34063) next door in Section 12:|2=12|3=2015|4=11|5=2016|103=46000|6=O|102=08|8=specificLease|204=district|9=dispDetails|10=0

GIS Map of Reeves County A-3964/Section 18/Block 55T4S and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Clint, Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it.