Non-producing property sales

I need historical information. I would appreciate hearing from any one that has sold or purchased non-producing mineral interests in Howard County, Texas, during the period 2008-2011. I seek prices per net mineral acre for sales/purchases, including the dates.

Thank you.

Phil Krehbiel

Phil, Never sell minerals unless you really need the cash.


I have minerals in Block 31, T2N and Block 32, T1 and 2N. I have never regretted offers to sell my minerals.

Phil, I'm helping a relative try to ascertain historical prices in Howard County for the period 96-97 (if at all possible). Are you searching for data to calculate capital gains on a recent sale? That's the only method I've been able to figure out given lack of a bright-line tax rule.

Hi Russ, I am trying to establish the stepped-up basis for inherited property. I am not aware of any reports that would included prices for undeveloped mineral property that is bought and sold. Hence, my inquiry.

Ditto. We're trying to avoid a zero or nominal cost basis for an inheritance that slipped through probate in 96 undetected. I've found this thread helpful but the valuation task is difficult: