Non producing coal leases in Martin Cty WV

Hello Forum,

This is a general question about the best way for 3rd-4th generation owners, soon to receive inherited mineral rights - coal - which are either not leased, or leased with a minimum royalty payment still being made. The asset is met coal in Martin Cty, KY. No mining since 1987.

With the coal market pretty much dead, assume there are no buyers for these mineral rights. What does one do with them? Put them in an LLC to manage the existing royalty payments and as a low cost way of playing a small probability turnaround in 20-30 years time? Or simply refuse to accept the assets when disposed from an existing trust. Are there any buyers of these assets, even at nominal values, just to transfer the legal ownership?

What are the odds of environmental liability, e.g., clean water act lawsuits from environmental groups seeking redress from decades prior activity?

Thanks for any replies. Aware this is a fairly dead topic.