Non participating Royalty interest in Martin Co.?

I’ve recently posted here about mineral acres I own in Howard County & asked information on their worth.
Received lots of information on that subject which is greatly appreciated…I still own them.
but, now I have another question.???
I was just informed I also have a Non Participating Royalty Interest that is of record title in MARTIN County.
Royalty deed dated 3-17-1954. My interest is 1.87 nma located on

NW/4 S/2 NE/4 & the NE/4 NE/4 of Section 1, Block 35 T2S. (T&P RR Co. Survey)

A land man contacted me and gave me the information with a proposal to buy these Royalty interests. I don’t know anything about Royalty interests except there are no leasing rights …only the right to share in Royalties that come from the Subject Lands. As I mentioned before, I did not know I had these nma or Royalty interests.

Would anyone know if this is a common occurrence to be offered to be bought out ??? Thank you kindly.
And I am not familiar with MARTIN County activity.
Thanks again…

Clint Liles, would you possibly know anything about this area ??

It is a common occurrence. My thoughts are that royalty and mineral interests don't cost anything to own until they have production. Unless you need the money, I recommend holding on to them. You probably won't get much for 1.87 net mineral acres.


I'm not finding a Block 35 T2S but am finding a 35 T1S and 35 T2N. Check your description again please.

And I agree with everything Dave said. As soon as I get the correct minerals acreage description we will see if there is any activity or production in the area.

Clint Liles

Thank you, Dave…the nma acres totaled 16 acres and are divided by family members, 2 family members are selling theirs to this offer. It was actually a pretty reasonable offer considering the small amount of nma’s. I was surprised.

Thanks again, Clint. I was reading the description on the typed proposal but the Deed does show it to be 35 T2N…

Hey Cathy,

Do you happen to find an Abstract # on the deed?

Clint Liles

Endeavor Energy Resources LP has been operating the Green "1" wells (3 of them) since 2007 and Meek "1" Unit #1 well since 2011 in N/2 of Section 1, Block 35, T2N. If your family has owns an NPRI and has not been paid, you are due unpaid royalties. You need to contact Endeavor to see what is due before anyone sells this NPRI. For volumes on RRC - Lease ID# for Green wells is 08-38419 and and Meek well is 08-41149.


This link is to production data on the Green"1"/lease # 38419/Field 85280300.

Well API 317-36865|2=02|3=2016|4=01|5=2017|103=38419|6=O|102=08|8=specificLease|204=district|9=dispDetails|10=0

GIS Map of Martin County A-65/Section 1/Block 35 T2S/T&P RR:


Clint Liles

Thank you, Clint…I’m trying to find the Abstract #

Thank you, TennisDaze…I will see what I can do about this…
One of my cousins has already sold his part to the company man who has made this offer to buy us out…I think there may be 1 or 2 other family members who will sell also…

Clint, I only have a copy of the Old original deed. It was done in 1954… I’m not seeing any kind of Abstract number anywhere…


I found the Abstract's A-65.

Clint Liles,
I do not know what I’d do without your help…thank you so very much for this information.
May I contact you to let you know what I find out ???
Do I ask about the one well or are there 2 like the gentleman (TennisDaze) referred to in above comment ???

Thank you, TennisDaze

hey Cathy,

I'm glad I can help you. And Tennis Daze is a Female.....and very knowledgeable....and is a great asset to the wonderful Forum. She is always helping someone.....she has resources that i don't have to garner some of this information. You are certainly welcome to contact me through the forum or at my email address...

Hopefully you and your relatives have some serious dollars coming your way. I suspect the relatives that have sold their interest have now lost their money that is in suspense.

The new owners of their royalty interest cashed in on that.

Cathy there may be 3 wells to check on.

Clint Liles

Again, thanks, Clint. It’s nice to know about TennisDaze also…
You should get some rest now, it’s late & I appreciate you staying up with me to help me out…talk to you soon !!!