Non Leased Minerals

What is the best course of action if the original mineral owner could not be found and was never leased?

I'm the new owner of the interest in a well that was drilled 20 years ago or more.

Am I entitle to suspended royalties now that I am "found"?

Does it make sense to sign a lease at this point?

Can I get paid without signing a lease?

Blackgold. I have similar questions to yours. My family has not filed on minerals that it inherited in the early 60's and we are trying to contact companies. What I am learning is that the onus is on us as mineral right owners to prove it and provide a title opinion (we have over 75 abstracts of which probably 20 are producing reasonable amounts). We are working with an attorney to file affidavits for heirship to make it easier for companies to find us--this will help prospectively. In your case, I would think that if you are focused on one well, you can get the well number....and go to texas railroad commission website to check on production. If it makes sense, I believe title companies keep records of owners and can provide clarity as to your title. Once you have this...find whoever is the producer and contact their minerals royalty department and send them your info...

I know this sounds long but so far, this is what we have found...Rich

Try going through the blog articles and doing searches using the feature in the upper right. There have been a number of threads about unleased interests over the years. Also called participating in the well and other variations.

Thanks...I have the well info, I have the deed....signed Division Order, but producer does not want to pay me suspense account..and wants to try to convert my RI to WI which I don't want to do...doesn't make sense for me to pay WI costs. From what I can tell they are at a loss as to what to do and have never remitted and proceeds to the comptroller. Now he wants me to pay for title opinion, which I think they should have already from the original permit or completion title opinion....

I appreciate your assistance and will take a look.