"Non-indexed" Book & Page Record

Why would a deed show up online in the county records as a “Non-indexed Book & Page Record” with no other information about the deed? Would the document still be listed in an Index at the County Clerk’s office, even though it says “Non-indexed” online? It can only be found online by knowing the Book & Page numbers, and then only an image of the first page is available, not the Exhibit page showing the property description. I have the original deed from 1978 so I know the full document was recorded.

You have to use each individual page number to view each page separately for those documents.

Thanks, that does work. I guess my main question is why is it non-indexed and does that cause issues with companies checking title?

No it causes no problems. The county clerk’s office holds the official records. Not all online records are available in every county & many online records only go back so far.

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