Noble Energy drilling in Tyler County?

Does anyone have any information on when they will begin drilling? I know they just received their permits last month. If they began drilling how soon could someone expect to see royalties come in? I am completely new to this and could benefit from the experience of others.

Thanks and God Bless

Noble Energy- Tyler County SHR1 wells have been drilled. SHR3 and SHR40 pads are being drilled now. They have two rigs drilling as of April 18, 2015. SHR31 and SHR30 are permitted but drilling has not started. SHR60 and SHR8 have not been permitted.

Thank you. I own mineral rights to SHR31, 4 acres. I have received offers for those acres and was wondering what to do.

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Best watch nobel. They were behind the forced pooling that failed to pass. I have oil/gas dad contract 35371. Sweet as wine getting contract. Now all .. We don't tell you what or went we do anything on your land. And that's verbatim from pula Flemming's CEO east Nobel energy. So drilling started the 18 aye? Try contacting Donna l Todd. Land coordinators Nobel energy inc, 333 technology drive , suite 116 canonsburg pa. 15317-9504. # 724-820-3000 or 724-820-3051. Not sure if this will help but,