Noble, cancellation of several oxford 98 wells

This weeks weekly report Noble has cancelled several Oxford "98" wells as follows:

47-17-06682, 06683,06684,06685, 06686,06687,06688.

On last weeks weekly report Noble list wells for oxford 97, that appears to me is a re-start-up of production and they are 47-017-06481,06482,06483,06484,06485.

Noble and CNX have been trading leases, at least in Ritchie, and former joint wells will now be owned and operated by just one. Wonder if that is related to what you are saying about the Doddridge wells.

Nancy. In 2014 I signed leases with Noble Energy to drill and Frack wells in West Union District, Doddridge County. All of the wells mentioned above are with Noble. If you look at the Weekly report (Well Records) for the past two weeks, you will see the cancellation's and the start up amendments. I have heard a little about the Noble and CNC "FLAPS", but not enough to comment.

I saw those cancellations you refer to. Have you checked in the Doddridge records to see if they (Noble) filed anything recently?

Nancy, look in last weeks Weekly Report under "Well Records" and you will see the wells that have been restarted effected 01-23 2017. at least that's the way I read the amendments.

Yes I found that too.