No royalty payment

I currently am a royalty owner for five gas wells in this legal description. Briar Oil and Gas was the operator upto around Dec of last year. It was not a friendly relationship as they frequently underpaid for production of the gas or outright refused to report production. When no royalty check for January production arrived by the end of March, I initially contacted the company they had contracted with to make royalty payouts I was told they no longer worked for Briar. After numerous voice mails were left at the two telephone numbers they gave me, I filed a inquiry with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to try to find out what was going on. I was emailed back with the information that Wentworth Operating Company now was the operator on record for those wells and given an email address and telephone number for the contact the OCC had.

I am now going on the second missed royalty payment as of the end of this month. I have verified the OKTax Commission is reporting January production for four of the five wells by Southwest Energy. But the email address appears to be a black hole and two phone calls to the telephone number resulted in a half hearted acknowledgment of a possible transfer from Briar, but no confirmation of the specific wells and no willingness to do so. I just keep getting a vague excuse of we just got paid ourselves.

Does anyone else have any experience with this Wentworth Operating Company?

When problems arise, I always send my questions or comments via certified mail with a return receipt. It does the trick almost every time.

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